About Us - Kristin

Kristin is the Office Manager of Custom Chiropractic & Wellness Clinic. Kristin is a native to Medford and has lived here most of her life. She is an active individual who likes to run, hike, raft, dirt bike and participates in kick boxing and cross fit exercises to help her relieve the stress of everyday life's events. Kristin has participated in several local running events each year like the Pear Blossom, Truffle Shuffle, Pioneer Run, Stage Coach, Harvest Festival and The Warrior Dash, just to name a few. Kristin has grown up in this community and has come to know a great deal of the people here in Medford and has been involved with education most of her adult life. She has a Bachelor's of Science in Elementary Education with an associate's degree in Early Childhood Development. During the morning hours she gets to teach at her own preschool, Building Blocks Learning Center, where she helps educate young children.